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Our Vision

To be the standard in blue economy solutions

An Active Ecosystem

This investment in the blue economy space is intended to link aspects of agriculture, manufacturing and tourism in an environmentally conscious setting. We are creating a blue economy ecosystem on location through Aquaculture, farm-to-table dining experiences, tours and educational activities based on the marine environment. This is meant to broaden our reach in the hospitality-driven sectors by generating additional associated revenue streams and increasing full-time employment for our people while being a partner in ensuring the health of our oceans.

The team of marine aquaculture and hospitality professionals at Bluepoint Inc, led by Owner and Culinary Director Mr. Michael Hinds has committed to bringing this viable idea to reality. Notwithstanding the pivot required for the evolving global sustainability drive, it is a social responsibility to use our expertise to derive benefit for the country, in maintaining our Island’s position as regional leaders.

Our project will be implemented at the now dormant Skeete’s Bay Fishing Complex in the eastern parish of St. Philip, Barbados, along a coast that has been known over the years for its contributions and operations within the local fishing industry.

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